Stock Price: GXG:9AR €2.40
ID Codes:  ISIN GB00B4323X41 / WKN A1JHWC/CUSIP G05900 108

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Risk Factors

There are numerous market risks to the Astra business.  The list of factors ought not be taken as exhaustive of the risks faced by the Company or by investors in the Company.  These factors, among others, may in the future materially affect the financial performance of the Company.  No issue of shares by the Company carry any guarantee with respect to the payment of dividends, returns of capital or the market value of those shares.

Being involved in mineral exploration, Astra can be impacted by factors specific to the mineral exploration industry.  While there are risks that are outside the control of the Directors of any mineral exploration company, tenement selection is based on years of exploration, the use of modern exploration techniques and a coherent exploration strategy.

To read Astra’s Risk Management Framework Policy in full, please click here.