ID Codes:  ISIN GB00B4323X41 / WKN A1JHWC/CUSIP G05900 108

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Key Strengths

Astra’s key strengths lie in the company’s:

  • People: Their ingenuity, disciplines and fundamental values
  • Asset base: Astra has ownership of best practice patented technology in the world among others
  • Business model: Astra has a solid and scalable business model to enable future growth
  • Market position: Astra is poised to be first to market with its technologies , and can bar entry to competitors
  • Low capital intensity/fast revenue generation: Astra carefully selects projects that do not require large capital input, add value and/or generate revenue in short timeframes
  • Reputation and cultural agility: Astra has a multicultural business credentials
  • Low risk profile: Thorough risk management puts the Company in control of potential risk
  • Climate Change: Focus on technology and management aspects related to Climate Change