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Green Diesel

Green Diesel Corp Ltd was incorporated on May 21, 2002. Since its incorporation, Green Diesel has focused on supplying the global requirement of a clean-burn, cost-effective Diesel Injector System that satisfies the current and planned International Government legislation on reducing particulate emissions for diesel engines using the Kukler Fuel Injector System.

Governments in the United States of America and Europe have introduced legislation that sets mandatory targets of a reduction in particulate emissions of 92.5 per cent (from 2005 base figure) by 2010 (starting 2007) of 00.01g/bhp-hr and NOx reduction of 80 per cent. Other Governments, such as Australia, are expected to adopt these new mandates by 2013.

Green Diesel’s High Pressure Diesel Injection System (GDI) technology, which is the result of many years of research and development (R&D) valued at $8 million, is being developed to produce diesel emissions which significantly better these mandatory targets. This R&D has resulted in demonstration engines using the GDI injector system.

The global demand for diesel vehicles is expected to nearly double over the next 10 years to 26 million vehicles from 15 million sold worldwide in 2005. As a result of many years of market development both in Australia and Overseas, Green Diesel’s initial goal is to sell to truck engine manufacturers in the USA as this is where it is expected that most sales revenue will be generated, particularly as the company has already received in excess of 200 serious EOIs from USA trucking fleet operators. The USA also has the strictest and most advanced pollution control standards for the control of pollution from large trucks, and while the European Union has a similar set of standards due for implementation in the near future, the USA already has their standard in place.

According to Green Diesel the European market is approaching saturation point, as 60 per cent of all vehicles sold are diesels. The market for diesel is however, expected to grow in Eastern Europe. In Asia the South Korean, Indian and Chinese markets are all predicted to experience growth in diesel engines sold.

The Project

Astra Resources, through its wholly owned subsidiary Astra Mining Pty Ltd, has acquired a majority share of Green Diesel Corp Ltd (Green Diesel), an Australian based environmentally conscious company committed to making a difference, to compliment its growing table of carbon efficient businesses. Astra will benefit twofold from this acquisition, firstly from the financial upside of the commercialization process, and secondly from the carbon credits offset against the technologies outcome.

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Technically referred to as a High Pressure Diesel Injection System (GDI), Green Diesel’s GDI technology is a clean-burn Diesel injection system that is cost-effective and straightforward to install and use and therefore has enormous market potential. GDI has markets in both diesel and petrol engine, and is uniquely positioned to exploit sub-categories within each of these as the injection system is suitable for diesel, bio-diesel, petrol motor conversion and LPG, all of which are global markets.

Green Diesels GDI technology is being developed for commercial sale to satisfy market demand for a clean-burn, cost-effective diesel injector system. Green Diesel are commercializing the GDI technology in the traditionally conservative global motor vehicle engine market to demonstrate its use across multiple engines and types, promote it to government authorities, and to build alliances with Tier 1 suppliers and after market suppliers.

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GDI is the first diesel technology to use ultra high-pressure fuel and is approaching USA and European mandatory targets for reduction in particulate emissions of 92.5 per cent for Diesel Engines. Green Diesel’s GDI is nearing this objective with a system that is low maintenance, extremely cost effective, easy to handle and not cumbersome. To date GDI has provided 30 per cent more power, increased engine torque by 30 per cent, and improved fuel economy by 30 per cent (when compared to existing fuel systems). It also reduces engine structural stresses by 60 per cent and enables the economic conversion of petrol engines to diesel power and has demonstrated high reliability with no fuel system wear observed on an engine running on a dynamometer for one million miles.

North America is considered to be an early adopting market of Green Diesel’s technology, as Green Diesel has developed its technology for engines specific to this region. Further development of Green Diesel technology for European engines will open-up the European, Asian and the Middle Eastern markets.

With an aim to provide cleaner air for everyone, and to exceed the global 2010 EPA standard, Green Diesel is a vital addition to Astra’s carbon efficient businesses portfolio. Based in Geelong, Victoria, Green Diesel has resources extending to full combustion and fuel injection equipment research and manufacturing facilities.

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