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Shareholder Communication Policy

Astra Resources PLC (‘Astra Resources’ or ‘the Company’) recognizes the importance of timely, accurate and compliant communication with shareholders to enable them to exercise their rights in an informed manner.

This policy is designed to ensure that Astra Resources complies with the requirements of codes, principles and recommendations of relevant stock exchanges, as well as to promote effective communication with shareholders and encourage participation at general meetings. The Company has vetting and authorisation processes designed to ensure that Company information:
  • is disclosed in a timely manner;
  • is factual;
  • does not omit material information; and
  • is expressed in a clear and objective manner.

The directors aim to ensure that all shareholders of the Company are kept informed of all material developments affecting the Company’s business.

Information will be communicated to shareholders through the Company’s Annual Report and Half-Yearly Report, Annual General Meetings (‘AGM’), and the Company’s website –

Annual Report

The Annual Report is the most important media through which shareholders will be provided with a detailed review and analysis of Astra Resources’ objectives and performance. The Annual Report will be sent to shareholders who have elected to receive it and it will also be available on the Astra Resources website as soon as practicable after its release.

Half-Yearly Report

The Half-Yearly Report is to be made available on the Company website and also sent to any shareholder who requests it.

Annual General Meeting

The AGM of shareholders will usually be held in Adelaide. At the discretion of the Board, AGMs may at times be held at other locations.

Prior to the AGM, shareholders will be provided with an explanatory memorandum to accompany the Agenda and Notice of Meeting.  All materials relating to the AGM will be placed on the Astra Resources website.

At the AGM shareholders are encouraged to participate and ask questions.  Questions can also be lodged prior to the AGM by completing the relevant form accompanying the Notice of Meeting.  Astra Resources will ensure that the external auditor is in attendance at the AGM to answer shareholder questions about the conduct of the audit and the preparation and content of the auditor’s report.

Company Announcements

Significant developments affecting Astra Resources may be the subject of announcements to relevant stock exchanges on which the Company is listed.  All announcements and other information released to stock exchanges will be placed on the Astra Resources website as soon as practicable after release.


The Company Secretary has been appointed as the person primarily responsible for managing external communications with shareholders and the stakeholders.