ID Codes:  ISIN GB00B4323X41 / WKN A1JHWC/CUSIP G05900 108

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Astra was founded in 2009 by current Executive Director Ms Silvana De Cianni and Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer Dr Jaydeep Biswas. Their focus was to service the flourishing commodities demand growth markets – a direction which continues to be a pivotal part of the Company’s strategic approach today.

While Astra has not shifted its fundamental focus on growth markets, within three short years, it has transformed from a small private company dealing in resource commodities into a diversified global asset group. During this time, the company has strategically positioned itself to exploit global demand – a feat few companies can achieve in three decades.

Astra’s early focus was resource commodities, particularly iron ore and coal, but soon grew to embrace one of the most important emerging green technologies in the world, T-Steel. This evolution quickly delivered new assets into the fold in the form of hedging commodities such as gold and silver, along with high-value ancillary projects including carbon emission reduction technologies, principally Clean Coal Conversion and CO2 separation technology.

In the past year, Astra has continued to rapidly redefine itself, moving beyond the duality of a mining production and IP development company with global aspirations. It has emerged as a truly diversified global company, incorporating new and exciting projects into its asset base in the areas of property and agricultural resources.

In June 2011, Renell Wertpapierhandelsbank AG undertook Astra’s Frankfurt Compliance Listing. The issue price was €1.50 for its compliance listing. The shares were held in escrow for a period of twelve months after the compliance listing of Astra Resources PLC on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, being the 28 September 2011.

Astra was listed on the GXG Markets' First Quote Market (formerly GXG OTC) on 30 November 2012 in order to better facilitate the specific needs of the Company for future growth.  Astra aims to eventually secure listing on the GXG Markets' Official List Regulated Market; however, in the interim, the Company has finalised its upgrade to the GXG's Main Quote Board (formerly GXG MTF), which operates on the same electronic trading platform as the Official List Regulated Market.  The issuing of the prospectus will also enable the Company to proceed with a further listing in Germany and other exchanges to help provide a stable foundation for future growth of the Company.

Astra continues to develop with an aggressive growth strategy and moves forward with a diversified project base, expansive market opportunities and a clear direction.