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Business Strategy & Objectives


Astra’s strategic business model centres on protecting climate change through new advanced disruptive technology, reducing carbon emissions, innovative agriculture technology, clean energy, carbon REDD and efficient resources that offer compelling cost, operational and environmental efficiencies supporting a strong established global asset base. Astra has identified the potential to expand the worlds manufacturing capability and to create new industry and employment opportunities in regional developing world areas. Astra is committed to becoming a global leader in efficient, high-quality steel manufacturing and clean coal conversion for power generation by satisfying the rapidly expanding coal and steel demands of the world’s largest developing economies such as China and India.

As a part of Astra’s mid-to-long term strategy to diversify its portfolio and ensure the company is financially robust, the company has strategically identified a number of high value industrial business segments. These include the commercially proven Corex-Steel, T-Steel and Clean Coal Technologies, the production-ready mining of steel-related raw materials, exporting of high grade iron ore, hedging where possible the commodity pricing risks with investments in precious metal and commodity mining, and investment into carbon-efficient technologies.

The present and intended investments span a range of energy sources – Water to Hydrogen, Solar and Bio-energy, Wireless Energy Transmission, Cold Fusion and Carbon Emission off sets across diverse financial structures. Astra places priority on its diverse investments generating economic, social and environmental benefits, including building capacity and capability within the renewable and low carbon energy sector, demonstrating applications and financing for new technologies, development of new or existing businesses and development of new technologies and expertise.

The worlds focus on global warming has resulted in the beginnings of a major financial market in carbon credit trading and financing. Astra’s rights to forests are one of the largest privately held forestry holdings in the world for the purpose of generating carbon REDD credits.


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